Tim Cook’s Silicon Play

Since February 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook (pictured) is worth a cool billion US dollars, and his company is worth trillions. What will he do next?

Suddenly, the prospects for Tim’s Apple are as clear as day. He’s all but guaranteed that his ship will right course and generate an untold amount of capital for the stewards. Is this what Late Chairman Jobs was referring to months before his demise, was this the final bit of wisdom given to Tim Cook:

Build the M1. Oh, and fire Jonny.

Mr. Cook can clarify with an email, but the point remains, the M1 is a hell of a thing, according to reviewers. It seems to be a very capable CPU that runs at high speeds with minimal heat and battery usage. In other words, it is everything that Tony Fadell and Co. were dreaming about in 2007 when they were looking for chips to power their little niche phone project. Well, lo’, they’ve got them now. We’re on the best timeline! And Apple is not going to power iPhones with it, but computers. And not just baby computers, but Macbook Pros and (in the near future) iMacs.

Since Apple can now make their computers without having to cut Intel in any of the money, they can now absorb more of the profit. What a brilliant, but expected, move from Tim. He invested in chips because that’s where Apple’s bank can foot the bill for a tremendous amount of effort involved in manufacturing chips.

Where will Apple go next? They are going to re-invent laptops, and create a new screen size segment. The 14" and 16" models will replace the 13" and 15". I hope Apple drops the name “Macbook Pro” because it sounds so silly now. I hope they bring back iBook, but it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is in the near future all Apple portables will be powered by Apple silicon, and that is a really big deal indeed.

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